Swivel / Twist Series

Swivel and twist your way around with these stylish and trendy, capless USBs. Not only are these USBs easy to use but easy to store as well because of their compact size and convenient shape. Twister and swivel USBs are our most popular models, and can be customized with your logo. Available in many shapes and colours, these USB drives will work for any purpose and any business. Unique, diverse, customizable and cost effective too. Take a close look at the selection of swivel USB drives.

We sure have come a long way from the floppy disk. Where we used to have to rely on inconvenient methods of data transfer like burning our 1’s and 0’s onto a CD, there were many downsides. For starters, it’s easy for these items to become damaged, and they also have limited storage space and compatibility. Since USB technology became commercially available around the year 2000, life has gotten much easier in the data transfer realm. And, with most electronics providing USB compatibility, businesses have an excellent opportunity to showcase their company logo and information on promotional USB drives.

Why Choose Custom Swivel USB for Your Promotional Investment?

We pride ourselves in the wide array of shapes, sizes, colors, and types of USB drives we offer. However, sometimes the standard swivel model is best. Not only are they compact and easy to transport, but people know what they are and how to use them. If your business model is to-the-point, succinct, and clearly expressed, the custom swivel USB captures that very essence and could represent your company well.

Custom USB drives provide potential customers much more than more common items like pens and coffee mugs. These items are a dime a dozen, and they often have an expiration date. When you choose to feature your logo on a promotional USB drive, you’re investing in an item with a long shelf life. They can store and transfer data forever as long as they’re taken care of. It’s been found that even USB drives that are lost and recovered by someone new are used, and this goes to show just how versatile they really are.

Going Ten Steps Beyond a Business Card with the Custom Swivel USB

It’s important to stand out in the crowd of competition, and taking your point-of-contact advertising beyond a business card pays off. Give people something they’ll appreciate and find valuable. Maybe they don’t even need your product or services now, but, when they do, they will have had plenty of time to let your logo and company information sink in. Best of all, when you give someone something they actually use for free, they see you as a more than a business. You’re an ally who understands the needs that come with their busy lives, and this naturally establishes a sense of trust they’ll remember. Give your community a gift that really matters with a custom USB drive.