About Us

Custom USB Canada

USB Direct offers an exceptionally wide selection of flash sticks in different materials, styles, and sizes to meet any company’s promotional needs. All of these USB sticks are offered at competitive, affordable prices, and due to their functionality as well as style, they make fantastic gifts for corporate promotions. Custom logoprinting and packaging as well as data preloading onto the devices can also easily be arranged. USB Direct serves both large and small companies and will work with clients to quickly and professionally meet their individual customized usb needs.

USB Drive Materials

We use high-quality durable materials to construct every one of our custom USB drives. Choose from die-cast metals in a variety of interesting shapes and styles or select from our array of molded plastic drives. We are also proud to offer a line of drives made from wood and other ecologically conscious materials. These drives are perfect for a company that wishes to demonstrate an earth-friendly attitude.

Creative Shapes and Styles

Do you want your USB drive to look like a standard thumb drive? We have a number of traditional shapes and styles, which can be printed or embossed with your company’s logo. These drives have a sleek and simple appearance, identifying your company as a business that can get things done.

If you have a strong desire to stand out from the crowd, take a look at our selection of unusual and unique thumb drive offerings. Some of the shapes and styles we offer include:

— Pouches
— Spheres
— Gold ingots
— Credit cards
— Cars
— Russian stacking dolls

Swivel 01 USB Drive 3.0

and much more. We also offer drives that are a combination of pen and USB drive, making your drives more functional than ever and providing a one-of-a-kind way to keep your company’s name in front of your clients’ eyes.

Ordering Your Custom Drives

Ordering custom USB drives is simpler than ever. Use the brief form on the side of the screen to get an initial quote. You can also use the form on our contact page to send us an inquiry. We promise to get back to you quickly to discuss the details of your order. We’re looking forward to getting started creating your custom drives so that you can have your product fast. We know that you’re busy. We will keep the order process easy to simplify your life.

Why USB Drives?

What makes customizable flash drives such a great marketing tool? Thumb drives have a number of unique qualities that makes them stand out from just about any other product you could choose:

— Thumb drives are the standard in data storage. Not only are they a useful product your clients and employees will get a great deal of use out of, you can also pack them with information about your business ready for easy access.
— USB drives are small and portable, making them a great way to send over information about special projects, reports and more. Emails get lost in the shuffle, and paper reports are unwieldy and difficult to search.
— Pens run out of ink. Business cards are easily lost. Gadgets and knick-knacks become part of the clutter and are easily discarded in the next office or desk cleanup. USB drives last for ages and can be used over and over again.

Whether marketing tool or employee perk, custom USB drives are an excellent way to highlight your business.