Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones

Great for listening to music on the go or at home. You can send all your tunes to a speaker like this (Streaming music, your library, iTunes, etc.) when you’re sharing some audio with friends or when you just want to turn it up louder! Some include microphones and can also be used for handsfree calling.

Even if you’re having a bad day, when your favourite song comes on the radio, it makes things a little bit better. In fact, studies have shown that music can reduce depression and anxiety, improve mood, and provide the listener a higher sense of self and better overall quality of life. It can even help listeners restore memories, build new neural pathways, and increase attention span. With so many wonderful benefits, imagine being able to share them with potential customers to expand your brand recognition. You can do all that and much more with custom Bluetooth speakers.

Evoking Positive Vibes with Your Brand in Mind

You want your target market to think positively of your business, and Bluetooth speakers achieve the goal whether or not potential customers even realize it. Here’s how it works. You give someone the gift of a free Bluetooth speaker. They can take it with them anywhere, giving them the freedom to enjoy their favourite songs on demand. And, even if they don’t put much thought into it when they see it, they will continually be exposed to your branding information.

We understand everyone has different needs, and every business has its own unique nature. That’s why we offer fun options to ensure you’re able to find the perfect custom Bluetooth speaker to maximize your advertising investment. Just some categories to explore include:

  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers- A recent poll found that nearly 90% of people report singing in the shower. Give them the backup vocals they’ve been missing!
  • Mini Bluetooth Speakers- This is the perfect solution to keep clutter minimal and maintain a neat, tidy environment.
  • Boom Box Bluetooth Speakers- Quite the opposite of the mini speakers, the boom box takes the volume and musical experience to an amplified level.

Music is the universal language, and promotional Bluetooth speakers allow you to speak to each potential customer in your target market in a way in which they can relate. It’s an investment that’ll pay back through hours upon hours of consistent air time for your logo and business information.