Crystal USB Drives

Beauty and Elegance at its best! This group of finely finished USB products are customizable in a most unique way. A special laser application creates a 3D representation of your logo to make it appears as “floating” inside the glass crystal portion. There are many “caps” to add just the right colour and finish to your custom USB products so take a look around here and check back often as this is a fast-growing category for USB Direct. From chrome and brushed metal finishes in silver, gold, rose-gold and others as well as matte black metal and even wood, get your digital media into the hands of your audience in a most beautiful elegant way. This is a favourite among photographers and videographers! To protect this beautiful product, we recommend pairing it with one of our great packaging options such as the Wood Crate, Wood Photo Box, or the Magnetic Flip Gift Box.

Give Your Potential Customers a Gift They’ll Use

When the goal of your promotional investment is simply to get your name out there, it’s easy to overlook the actual utility of the product on which it appears. Items like promotional pens and cups are overplayed and get lost in the mix. When you provide a free product people actually use, there’s an immediate perceived value that instantly molds a positive impression of your company. Not only do crystal USB drives provide a useful tool to your target market, but they also exhibit a sleek style that’ll entice users to keep them safe for continual use.

The Elegance of Laser Engraving

Our primary goal as a business is to make yours shine, and that’s why we provide elegant, sub-surface laser engraving that makes your logo and company information stand out. Our engraving tools and processes provide consistency in quality, and, for a minimal cost, we can provide a product that provides a perceived value of far more than we’ll charge. Best of all, when you buy in bulk, you get to take advantage of special discount pricing.

Customize a Great First Impression

Once your logo gets out in the community on crystal USB drives, there’s no stopping the increased visibility your company will receive. That’s why it’s so important you put thought into the quality of your promotional product. Our custom crystal USB drives go beyond a glance. They get conversations started, and people will want to know more about the insightful business that provided such a thoughtful, useful gift. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Imagine making them over and over again with a single investment.

Diversify Your Marketing Dollars

Putting all your eggs in one basket is dangerous, and this holds true when it comes to your marketing dollars. It’s important to try out different forms of advertising, and multiple studies show that word-of-mouth advertising is more effective than paid ads. Our crystal USB drives give potential customers a way to transfer critical data where it needs to be, making it more valuable with every download. When you consider adding them to your marketing plan, you can rest assured the investment is one that will pay off over and over again every time a potential client pulls out your USB drive in public, so get your quote today.