Credit Card Drives

We understand you are always on the go; We can relate to your desire to go shopping! One of the conveniences of a card that it keeps change from rattling in your pocket. Credit card USBs are convenient too, they can slip right into your wallet where it won’t be misplaced, just perfect! These Custom USB credit cards are sleek and trendy; no one would even know that it’s a USB drive! You can even hang it from your neck like an ID badge or hand them out with your contact info like a business card.

Digital data is important, and sometimes you need it on the go. Whether it be a student who needs to print a research paper, a busy executive who needs to transfer a presentation from their computer to a projector screen, or a grandma who wants to save pictures of all the grand kids in one convenient place, a credit card USB drive gets the job done. What’s this mean for your business? Investing in promotional credit card drives will provide a broad segment of your market with a tool they can actually use.

Customize Your Custom USB Credit Card Drive for Maximum Exposure

Two key forms of advertising that will stand the test of time are word-of-mouth and repetition. When people are continually exposed to your logo and company information, you’re much more likely to come to mind when they or someone they know need your products or services. Even if they’ve never done business with you before, if you give them a good reason to trust you, you’ve already got your foot in the door. People like free stuff, and providing them with something of value is a great way to promote your company. Just a few reasons your potential customers will love your promotional credit card drives include:

  • Easy to transport
  • Feature good storage capacity
  • Unique and fun
  • Excellent versatility

A Designed to Highlight Your Business’s Essence

Every business is unique. Whether you promote a light, fun atmosphere or are a highly professional firm with a more rigid atmosphere, we can help you find just the right credit card drive to highlight the essence of your company. The cardboard credit card drive features a unique look while the circle disk USB flash drive is more quirky and fun. You can even choose to feature your company’s logo and information on a USB drive that looks just like a standard credit card. Best of all, since we work with you to customize your promotional drive, the final product will be one the competition can never duplicate.

It’s critical in a competitive market to stand out in the crowd. Give your market something to talk about with a promotional product that actually makes a difference. Our team is standing by to help you walk through your many options and arrive at a solution specific to your company’s needs. The long-term advertising that results in promotional USB credit cards will pay for itself.