For storage that is always with you look no further than our wearable USB section. For brand impact, you can’t go wrong when giving your audience great tech that they can wear! From Lanyards worn around the neck, to various wristbands, key-chain specific models and phone-attach pieces, USB Direct has got you covered in custom memory.

Many of the promotional USB drives in this category are available in both USB 2.0 and newer / faster USB 3.0 technology, so you can make sure your customers “only wear the best” when it comes to your brand. Get your logo printed, etched, or de-bossed on a wide range of memory sizes reaching all the way up to a whopping 256GB (USB 3.0).

You probably don’t put a whole lot of thought into your digital transfer. However, when you aren’t able to access the data you need when you need it, things can quickly spin out of control. From a missing slideshow during a work meeting to a critical document due for a final grade before midterms, you need a reliable way to easily access your data. While flash drives provide a versatile way to achieve this, they’re easy to lose. Imagine giving potential customers a solution, and one in which they see your name and contact information every time you save the day.

Wearable Custom USB Drives Provide Peace-of-Mind

We have too many things to grab as we prepare to run out the door. You can’t forget your cell phone, and items like the car keys, id badges, and others are super important. When you provide your target market a way to integrate their USB technology into their wardrobe, it makes it hard to forget to bring these items and even easier to keep them handy throughout the day.

Our leather bracelet custom flash drive is the perfect gift for a busy executive, and one that’ll likely get a lot of air time as he or she meets with other professionals in their field. We also offer the option to print your business information on lanyards, a great way to capture attention all over town as potential customers don them around their necks or strap them on purses or laptops.

A Step Above Standard Promotional Products

People love their electronics, and anything that can be plugged in for digital use automatically triggers a sense of high value in our minds. Although you don’t have to make an enormous investment in our custom wearable USB drives, the end user will see you as a company with foresight and that knows what people need. We strive to help you stand out in a sea of competition.

In a world focused on the latest marketing ploys, don’t forget the power of word-of-mouth advertising. Trust us when we say that wearable USB drives get conversations started. You want to make sure your logo is the center of attention, and we work with you to ensure everything looks exactly the way you want your customers to see it, so get the ball rolling by requesting a quote today.