The Paddle Qi Custom Wireless Charger

  • 13-15 business days from artwork approval.
  • 5W
  • 10W
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Charge up to 5 smartphone devices on the same device at once without issue! With 3 Qi Wireless Charging spots, plus 2 USB outputs, The Paddle Wireless Qi charger is larger than most of our charging devices, but can still be easily carried around and stored. It’s thin profile gives it a very professional feel, and is sure to “tech” up any reception area. Available in a variety of different body colors to cater to anyones’ profession, this item would be a great addition to any lounge, entryway, lobby, party, or other event / space you can think of.

Additional Information

13-15 business days from artwork approval.
Warranty1 year
MaterialWireless Charging Pads