Shower Buddy Waterproof Speaker/Speakerphone

  • 13-15 business days from artwork approval.


Who doesn’t love to sing in the shower?  Somehow we all sound AMAZING when we’re in there, am I right?  This handy little waterproof Bluetooth speaker uses a great big suction cup built into the bottom of it so you can bring the tunes in and get your pitch just right while sudsing up.  As a great added feature, the built-in speakerphone function so you never miss that important call, when you’re in the shower!   With all those great features built into a tiny promo product, your give-away will be sure to be used again and again, showcasing your brand wherever your audience may go.

Additional Information

13-15 business days from artwork approval.
Warranty1 year
MaterialBluetooth Speakers Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones