On-Hand Models | Local Print

Have a tight deadline to meet? Are the other suppliers telling you “there’s no way to get USB drives in that quickly”? Look no further! USB Direct has been carrying inventory of Swivel and Credit Card model USB drives for over 5 years, printing locally (in Ontario) using state-of-the-art Multi-Substrate (a fancy word for this thing is freaking awesome and can print on almost any surface!) high-resolution printing equipment.

We carry a limited supply of memory sizes and body colour choices, but are always replenishing our in-stock choices.

Credit Card / Wafer USB Drives: Beautifully printed in a remarkable 5760 dpi resolution, you can print beautiful full-colour images and photography, bleeding off of the edges, on both sides.

Swivel / Twist USB Drives: Select from white or silver outer shells, and a wide range of body colours. Our experts will assemble your custom order, once printed (again with our amazing 5760 dpi printer) on time, every time.

We can even do in-house data loading, so your USB drives come prepared for your event. We are no strangers to meeting tight deadlines. So if you need your branded USB drives super fast, then select your model option below, containing Ludicrous Speed Rush in the title, and we will make sure you get your custom printed USB keys as quickly as you need them.