The Slimming – Printed Portable Charger



Most electronics are becoming thiner and thiner for the convenience of carrying it around without worrying about weight. As a result, this wonderful thin and sleek power bank is portable for your jean pocket, bag, purse, or even in your hand! Not only is the colour easy on the eyes but keeps all sorts of electronic devices charged for however long your desire it to hold! This amazing metal material usb battery charger is no bigger than your cellular device! There is no fear of it adding onto any unnecessary weight. What a wonderful way to carry it around when you are at school, work, or even out of the country for a business trip!

Life Cycle: +- 500 cycles (good for 500 uses or more)

Capacity: 4400mAh (milliampere-hour)

Charges: Roughly 3 when fully charged.

13-15 business days from artwork approval.
Warranty1 year
MaterialPower Banks
Dimensions115mm x 71mm x 7mm