The Ferrari - Portable Charger

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  • The Ferrari - Portable Charger
  • The Ferrari - Portable Charger
Product Name : The Ferrari - Portable Charger
Material : Power Banks
Features : What’s New
Colors :
LED Light: N/A


The Farrari is cool sleek, bold and new! Get yours now. It’s special, it can be your new best friend! You know those nights when you forget to charge your phone or any other electronic devices before-hand and only realize that you are running extremely low on battery? Well no need to fear any longer because this handy little device can charge your personal electric devices on the go! It’s so small that you would not even know you are carrying around your own source of power!


Life Cycle: >500 cycles (good for 500 use)

Capacity: 7500mAh (milliampere-hour)

Charges: Roughly 5 when fully charged.