The Battery Stick – Printed Portable Charger

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  • 2200
  • Standard Order 10-12 Business Days
Standard Order 10-12 Business Days
Warranty1 year
MaterialPower Banks
Dimensions100mm x 22mm x 22mm
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Who said technology has to be boring and not stylish? These cute looking power banks to charge your personal electronic devices are very easy on the eyes and extremely bright in colour. It charges your devices various times in order to keep your cellphones, tablets, and gaming devices alive. No need to be living life with a dead battery source. You can rely on these usb portable chargers to power up you electronics anytime and anywhere during the day. It can become your best friend when you are in most need of help. You won’t ever go wrong with this product it’ll help you through your day full of energy.

Life Cycle: +- 500 cycles (good for 500 uses or more)

Capacity: 2200mAh (milliampere-hour)

Charges: Roughly 3 when fully charged.

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