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Credit Card USBs (and other flat models) are now available in USB 3.0

Most of us have used universal serial bus technology at some point. Whether using a flash drive to store files or a USB adapter to transfer files from one device to another, they allow us to work more efficiently and communicate with ease.

There have been a number of innovations in this area of technology, and we’re here to offer credit card USB’s and other flat models in USB 3.0. Before we get into the specifics on the various models available, let’s review a few facts to help you better understand your requirements as you shop for the one to best meet your unique needs.

· USB drives have two forms: regular full-sized and UDP (USB Disk in Package).
· UDP is much smaller, thin, and flat. It is also very durable – dust, moisture, and shock resistant
· UDP combines all the components of a normal USB drive (memory, controller, etc.) into one compact unit.
· All of our mini-flat USBs use UDP chips (e.g. Credit Card Drives).
· USB 3.0 is a newer version of the USB standard that allows data transfer at up to 10x the speed (referred to as SuperSpeed).
· Up until recently, USB 3.0 was only available in the full-sized form of USB drives.
· USB 3.0 is now available on UDP products. This means all of USBDirect.ca’s smallest drives can use SuperSpeed technology. This affects our entire Mini-Flat category including many popular USBs such as: Credit Card 01, Flat Key 01, and Mini-Me.
· Previously available USB drives remain unchanged and can still be produced: Swivel 01, The Titan, Jetsetter, etc.

Mini Flat Stick USBs

While USB sticks are capable of holding a lot of data considering their standard size, advancements have allowed for them to be made more compact than ever. Although our mini flat stick USBs are small, they are able to hold all the largest memory sizes. These products come with a five year warranty, and, when properly cared for, can last a lifetime.

Credit Card 3.0 USB

You can now store your USB with your credit cards in your purse or wallet! The credit card 3.0 USB allows you to enjoy full colour photos on each side, making it easy to spot when you need it. Within it, you have access to the fastest USB memory. It fits easily in your wallet and is available in:

Flat Key USB

Keep track of your USB on your keychain with our flat key USB. You’re able to customize your storage with options ranging from 1 to 64 GB, and it’s even great for promotional efforts as the surface of the key-shaped product has room for your logo. This can impress colleagues and clients alike.

Mini Me Circle USB

There are many new shapes and sizes of USBs on the market, and the Mini Me Circle USB has a unique design. It’s very small and made of metal, and this helps ensure good durability. Its high-tech look and rounded tip makes it an impressive way to store your data and save space in your laptop bag.

Swivel 01 USB Drive 3.0

We’re all unique, and the Swivel 01 USB drive 3.0 is available in green, red, blue and classic black. Its surface is very broad and brushed metallic, and this makes it simple to effectively add your logo for promotional campaigns. Whether you want to offer someone a unique and thoughtful gift or impress new potential clients, this can be a great way to shine. Data storage capacities range up to 64 GB depending on your unique needs.
custom usb flash drive

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Networking Via USB

USB technology is designed to allow greater communication possibilities between computers and peripheral devices. Networking, in any of its forms, is the end result of such communication. When several computers are linked together, they form a computer network. No surprise then that USB technology can be used right along with networking to make your life easier.

Three Kinds of USB Networking

USB networking can occur in several different ways:

  • You can network two or more computers together using a USB bridge, but do not try to link them using any other type of USB cable as this can result in severe damage to both computers. A USB bridge is a special cable connector that will allow you to link the machines without damaging them.
  • You can create a USB hub that services some or all of your peripheral devices. Once you have created that hub, you can network the devices in such a way that they are shared between multiple computers. This is useful in a home or small office, when you want to share connectivity without having to mess around with physical connections
  • You can also use your wireless network to share connectivity to USB devices. This makes it possible to connect to a printer, for example, from anywhere on the network without needing to physically connect your machine to that printer.

These are all ways that USB and networking technology can be used together to improve your connectivity and your efficiency.

Why Network?

When your computers and other devices are linked together to create a computer network, then you can have access to the information and functionality that you need from your electronic devices with very little effort. This technology essentially allows you to share your devices across multiple computers. It also allows you to share the information that those devices contain. When your computers are networked, you don’t need a flash drive to carry your projects, your music, or even your apps. You can simply access them across the network. Nor do you need to physically plug your computer into other devices. With USB technology, its simple to make your electronics talk to each other and your life easier.

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Beginners Guide To The USB Memory Drive

Since the USB memory drive has basically replaced the floppy drive and CD-ROM in terms of data storage options, it is probably time that you jump on the flash drive bandwagon. These gadgets are portable, easy-to-use, and will most likely store more data than you can ever imagine needing to remember. In case this is a new experience for you, here are a few things you should know about the USB.

Store More Than Just Data

Many people store more than just data on these small gadgets. For example, password information can be stored on a flash drive. This information is always nice to have, especially when you plug into a different computer. In addition, you can also store software on these devices. That allows you to plug in anywhere and run portable applications. This means you have the opportunity to be connected nearly anywhere that you go. This is particularly helpful for people that email a lot or need consistent access to a web browser.

Share Files Over A Network

A lot of times people assume that the only way to transfer files using a USB is to plug in the flash drive and transfer them from one computer to the next manually. However, with today’s technology, you can actually share files over a wireless network from a USB. This makes transferring files from computer to computer even simpler. And it is especially great for those that rely on USBs for extra storage.


Another great aspect about using USBs today is the speed in which they operate. USB 3.0 technology was just released providing for fast data transfer and seamless interaction between the computer and the flash drive. It makes data storage so easy. And you do not even have to worry about damaging the files on the USB device because it is so resilient.

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How To Run Software Directly From Your USB Flash Drive

Today’s USB flash drives are extremely advanced. Chances are the one you own that you purchased a few years ago is not up to par with the standards offered by the USB devices on the market today. Many of the newer devices hold an extremely large amount of data. In addition, they are extremely fast. This makes them perfect for transferring data, backing up your hard drive, and other computer related activities. For example, many people are actually running software directly from these USB flash drives. Do you want to do the same? It is actually easier than you might think. Here’s how:

Portable Applications

First, you have to go to download software that will allow you to use portable applications on your USB. For Microsoft Windows, there are several options. However,the Portable Freeware Collection, LiberKey, WinPenPack, and PortableApps.com are all great options for download. If you run Mac OS, try OS X Portable Applications – FreeSMUG.

U3 Drive

The next step is determining if your drive is U3-compatible. If you have Windows, you should be able to click on the U3 logo in the systems tray and the menu should pop up. Any drives that are U-3 compatible should atomically install the software. And for other drives, you will install the files yourself.

Run The Program From Your USB Flash Drive

Next, run the program from the USB flash drive. You can run it from the U-3 menu or find it in a file in your USB flash drive. Either way, you should be able to run the program and begin using it. And because you now have the software on the USB flash drive, you can take it with you wherever you go and access on any computer you plug into. This tool can become very useful in many different situations.

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Use Your USB As An MP3 Player

Many people today listen to music while they are at work. It is one of the only ways that they get through the long, dull hours of the day. This is particularly true of those people that perform a lot of monotonous tasks that include number crunching and data entry. In order to spice up their day, they often like to listen to music. However, the radio stations are filled with commercials and ipods and iphones have limited battery life.

Files On The Work Computer

Some people decide to simply transfer their music files to their work computer. If they are lucky, this works for them. However, others do not have the ability to do this. Or, they might not prefer to do so. And many people cannot even download music on their work computer or stream music. If this is you, what should you do? The last thing you really want to do is sit in silence throughout the day.

USBs Are A Great Alternative

Consider using a USB as an alternative to your MP3 player. You can probably hold all of the music you have ever owned on a USB device given their size. Then, simply plug the device into your work computer and let it play. Most people use windows media player. You won’t have to transfer these songs to your computer either. Instead, you can listen directly from the flash drive. And when you are done, you can unplug the device. It is really that simple. And the best part is that you do not waste battery power. It is an environmentally friendly way to listen to music at work!

USB 3.0

Lastly, if you invest in a device that has USB 3.0 technology, you will notice
that the music will transfer quickly and you will be able to access it quickly.

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External Hard Drives And USB 3.0

By now you’ve probably heard about USB 3.0 technology. According to all reports, this technology runs at 5 gigabits per second compared to the 480 megabits per second that USB technology offered. Most people estimate that the new technology is approximately 10 times faster than the old version. Therefore, speeding up your life makes sense. However, the question most people ask is why is it really necessary to have this new technology. Is it vital to rush out and get USB 3.0 today? Maybe. And if you plan on using external data storage, the answer is probably yes.

External Storage

Many people use external storage drives for their computers. Why? This is a relevant question especially when today’s computers seem to come equipped with unlimited amount of space on them. However, what happens if your computer crashes? What will you do if all of your files are lost? This is why several people take advantage of external storage. They use these drives to back up their hard drives from time to time to prevent a disaster in case their computer does crash.

The Main Reason People Don’t Backup

Although it seems simple and standard to back up your computer, a lot of people do not do it. The main reason for avoiding a simple back up is because it takes time to transfer files to the external drive. Time is limited and for most of us, precious. It’s understandable that a time consuming task like this one would get pushed to the back burner. Especially since it may not seem to be time sensitive.

USB 3.0 Provides Time

Fortunately, thanks to USB 3.0, the time to transfer files is diminished. It takes little or no time compared to older technologies making it a lot easier to back up your computer and save you time in a pinch. It is a smart and easy solution to your storage needs.

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How Fast Is USB In The Real World?

We’ve heard a lot about the new USB 3.0 technology. However, many people question how fast it is. Is it fast enough to even notice a difference? Or will you be fine without this technology? Many wonder if USB 3.0 is simply a lot of hype. There are others, though, that claim this technology will make a tremendous impact on all that you are doing. Here’s why:

Experts Rave About Performance Improvement

One of the top reasons that this technology is a must have is because it has been tried and tested by many experts in the technology field. Experts across the board seem to rave about the improvements they notice in performance due to using USB 3.0 technology. After they tested it, they seemed to agree that it was something that would make their processes easier and faster.

It’s About The Real World More Than The Data

Although the data suggests that this technology will improve performance, you might not realize how much it will make a difference until you see or try a demo. After all, a number is one thing, but the experience is a different thing entirely. One of the reasons for this is that the speed of the USB connection actually has a major impact on the performance of a hard-drive in the real world.

Test Out This Technology For Yourself

Many people will benefit from this technology. It is easy to try it and it is available now! The technology will make your life easier. It is a smart decision, especially if you are constantly backing up files. A process like this one can be time consuming. Therefore, look into your USB options. It will greatly benefit you in the future. In today’s world, speed really does matter, so having the faster technology is important.

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USB 3.0

According to many computer experts, the USB is considered one of the top PC innovations of all time. If you think about it, this innovation is pretty remarkable. For many people, it allowed them to transfer data and connect much easier. However, the improvements that have been made over the years are one of the best aspects of this type of technology.

USB 2.0/USB Hi-Speed

Approximately 10 years ago, the USB 2.0 versions were introduced into computer systems and devices. This was a great advancement at the time. It brought the data transfer rate from 12Mbps to 480 Mmps. However, that improvement was ten years ago, and today we have a better faster technology known as USB 3.0.

Today’s USB Technology

The best technology for USBs today is USB 3.0. Access to this technology allows you to have the maximum speed available, which is 4.8 Gbps. This technology is 10 times faster than the 2.0 version and much, much faster than the original version.

Why Do You Need This?

A lot of people assume that they do not need this. A common thought is that they are just transferring files to the USB device or printing a few documents here and there on their computer. Why invest in a newer USB when the old one is sufficient. The truth is that these USBs have so many functions. Many people actually use them for other devices besides a computer. For example, USB 3.0 works well if you are transferring a 27 GB HD movie to your media player. With USB 3.0, a task like this one will only take 70 seconds. That is pretty fast given the complexity of the task.

Looking To The Future

And as we look to the future, we find that more and more technologic advances that will require the technology of USB 3.0. It is definitely something to know about and have on hand.

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