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USB Slippers And Other Technological Oddities

The extreme flexibility of USB technology has given rise to a number of unique and interesting USB devices over the years. These are the kinds of devices that can be used with a computer or other USB controller, but really have very little to do with actual computing. Instead, they use the technology to make these quirky and fun gadgets possible for you to use anywhere you have a computer.

  • USB Slippers-These slippers are designed to plug into your computer‚Äôs USB port and are made of wool with a built in heating pad. Once you plug them into the machine, they begin to warm up and so do your feet! They‚Äôre perfect for cold feet when traveling.
  • USB Kitty-This little pet plugs into your computer and uses sensors to respond to your petting with an appropriate meow. It can also bob its head and play a whole repertoire of kitty songs. Its less feline functions include a timer and an alarm.
  • USB StealthSwitch-This device is actually slightly more practical than the above. When plugged in, a simple push of a button will switch your computer screen from its current application to a previously programmed application of your choice. This means that if you don‚Äôt want a boss, parent, or spouse to see what you‚Äôre up to at any given time, your StealthSwitch will have your back.
  • ScreenSmasher-This device looks like a foam axe and has a USB sensor inside. Take out your frustrations with the computer (or anything else) by hitting the screen with the axe and watching it generate an accurate cracking pattern without damaging a thing. It also has sound effects.
  • USB Alarm Clock Air Purifier-Just as it says, this device plugs in and has a clock face in front as well as an air purifier in back. A little something to freshen up your space and keep your schedule on track.
  • USB Posture Reminder-This device sits atop your computer monitor and senses the location of your head in relation to its own position. It will flash a little light at you when you are too close or too far from the machine in order to remind you to correct your posture.
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Top 10 USB Gadgets

If you are a tech junkie, than you probably enjoy playing around with gadgets. Technology today provides us with several different gadgets allowing us to experiencing new things and to be entertained. And many of these gadgets use USB technology. Here is a list of the top ten USB gadgets that you might want to check out:

  1. USB Plasma Ball-The USB plasma ball is a popular gadget for many work stations. It is a great novelty item that will definitely add some flair to your desk!
  2. USB Greenhouse-How cool is this? A greenhouse powered by a USB. It may take a while to grow a plant in this gadget, but you will enjoy the process.
  3. USB Hamster Wheel-This gadget is simply funny. The digital hamsters have great character and the speed of the wheel is based on your typing speed – even better!
  4. USB Disco Ball-This toy is one of the most popular. It flashes throughout the day when it is plugged into your computer. Surprisingly, many people find it to be relaxing.
  5. USB Coffee Warmer-This is definitely practical. How annoying is it when your coffee gets cold after a long meeting? The coffee warmer keeps it at an ideal temperature!
  6. USB Harddrive-Do you need to prevent data loss? Perhaps you should invest in a USB Harddrive. This could be an essential piece of equipment if you are in a bind at the office.
  7. USB Missile Launcher-Need a break from all that hard work? Take out your USB missile launder and aim it at coworkers that are bugging you. It’s a great way to relieve stress!
  8. USB Phone-Do you make a lot of international phone calls at work? Free VoIP is an ideal way to take advantage of the USB on your computer. All you need is a USB phone.
  9. USB Drum Kit-Make drumming noises using your fingers with the USB drum kit. It is hilarious, entertaining and a great desk accessory. Plug this tool in and play!
  10. USB Chameleon-Looking for an animal to roll its eyes at you and stick out its tongue? The chameleon will answer your call!!!
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